€ 1.68 Euro
Start (AM1)
2Gb SSD Disk Space
20Gb Bandwidth
30 Email Accounts
5 SQL Databases
2 Addon Domains
€ 3.36 Euro
Base (AM2)
4Gb SSD Disk Space
40Gb Bandwidth
100 Email Accounts
50 SQL Databases
5 Addon Domains
€ 6.09 Euro
Advanced (AM3)
8Gb SSD Disk Space
80Gb Bandwidth
500 Email Accounts
100 SQL Databases
10Addon Domains
€ 10.40 Euro
Professional (AM4)
15Gb SSD Disk Space
150Gb Bandwidth
1000 Email Accounts
200 SQL Databases
30 Addon Domains
Starting from
€ 4.84 Euro
Custom hosting package
Includes 1Gb, original disk space
€ 0.00 Euro

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